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Garden Goss: Update Your Address Book & New Services Announcement!

We have so much garden goss! Where do we even start!??

Well...not sure about all you fabulous people but we've had a ripper start to 2022. We've been super busy visiting lots of new people and gardens, we've had new team members starting and we've also been creating all sorts of fun content for

our website and social media adventures. #why #cozwecan

We have also added some new services, and even new contact details!

Update Your Address Book

Our friends at Tradie Support Services are taking off the admin heat 🔥 which means we can get up to more fun and gardening shenanigans.

Our amazing office team are ALL over this & you can catch them by calling 03 8488 7233 or email at

New Service? Say What?

That's right peoples - we are very excited to announce that you can now get your garden...MEGIFIED! "What does this mean?" we hear you asking....we KNOW you are wondering...

It means that our ever talented Meg has been out and about creating some amazing outdoor spaces - and she can do that for you too!

You can check out some of the awesomeness in this video here - but be warned - that music will stick in your mind forever #truestory

Contact us to request a quote for Megification 💃

That's all the goss for now!

We love all of our garden followers and with so many exciting things planned we'd love to be able to share that with more of our favourite people 💜 (that's you - in case you didn't know).

From all of the team at Mel's Garden Care - we're sending a big thank you for having us in your garden. We just LOVE what we do and we couldn't do it without your support and your gardens!


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