Meet the Team!

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Magic Mel
"Chief Garden Lover"

Boss lady of all things garden, Mel is here to save the day. 

Forever busy, Mel is currently studying horticulture and volunteering at the Edendale Community Environment Farm.

Need a quote? Mel is on the way! Want a discount? Rumour has it Mel's likes pizza, wine and kitties. 



Lynda is a true green thumb. In her spare time she enjoys planting veggie seedlings (and eating the results!) and volunteering at the Edendale Farm Native Nursery. 

An unashamed afrophile, Lynda also loves Thai food, border collies & African wild dogs. 



To be written...


"The Bearded Bandit"

Joe is our resident super nerd, with an affection for all things sci-fi and fantasy. He also loves Mac & Cheese and miniatures goats.

Joe is a weapon in the garden and thoroughly enjoys clearing out old overgrown messes to build something new.


"Super Sis"

Mel's little sister Raelene is our resident website warrior, writing these bios and making our online presence as spectacular as possible.


Animal enthusiast and serial cant-sit-still-er, when she's not busy with her 700 miscellaneous other jobs you might find Raelene out in your garden pulling weeds and mulching.



To be written...



Kris loves all things outdoors - sports, camping and even bee keeping! She's a super star in the garden and you can rest assured knowing your weeding and mulching needs will be taken care of in record time.

Kris grows her own food and enjoys eating spaghetti. Assuming, that is, she has any left over with 3 kids, a doggo and a kitty to feed first!


Frank & Grant
"The Dynamic Duo"

To be written...