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Meet the Team!


"Chief Garden Lover"

Boss lady of all things garden, Mel is here to save the day. 

Forever busy, Mel is not only out and about every day keeping the team in order, she is also currently studying horticulture. 

Need a quote? Mel is on the way! Want a discount? Rumour has it Mel's likes pizza, wine and kitties. 


"The Bearded Bandit"

Joe is our resident super nerd, with an affection for all things sci-fi and fantasy. He also loves Mac & Cheese and miniatures goats.

Joe is a weapon in the garden and thoroughly enjoys clearing out old overgrown messes to build something new.


"The Megifier"

Meg is our path making superstar! MEGIFY your garden space with a path quote from Meg.



Mei volunteers at the Edendale Farm Native Nursery, and has a passion for plant health. She will check your plants for diseases & help identify any good or bad bugs.

Mei is the newest dog lover to join team Mel & has a Doberman named Dozer.When she's not patting dogs or gardening, Mei might be found travelling, watching movies or chowing down into some seafood.


"Super Sis"

Mel's little sister Raelene is our resident website warrior, writing these bios and making our online presence as spectacular as possible.


Animal enthusiast and serial cant-sit-still-er, when she's not busy with her 700 miscellaneous other jobs you might find Raelene out in your garden pulling weeds and mulching.

rob icon.png

"Coordinator of Awesomeness" 

Meet Rob, our vibrant Coordinator of Awesomeness / Operations Manager.


With many years of managerial experience under his belt, Rob keeps your gardens blooming and our teams running smoothly. 


"Mr. Fix It"

Nick is our resident fixer-er. Always passionate and determined to get the job done, when Nick is not busy cruising around Eltham with his doggo, you might find him laying down crushed rock for some paths. (Probably somewhere up a steep hill)

In his own time Nick keeps his hands busy with different projects, either taking things apart or creating something amazing.

Em_pic_hori hori.jpg

"The Artful Gardener"

Em is a passionate gardener who practices pruning as an artform. She loves reviving neglected spaces and you will often find her using her favorite hori hori knife to creatively attack your garden space.

When not in the garden, Em volunteers as treasurer for her local Kinder & mothers her 3 children and 3 fancy rats. She enjoys her coffee, spinning wool, and eating tayberries. 


"Kimmie,look at moi!"

Kim is a passionate gardener who enjoys rejuvenating garden spaces by weeding, planting and pruning. She has a keen interest in permaculture, and when she’s not in the garden you might find her making herself a pizza or watching garden YouTube with her cats.

In her previous life as a Canadian, Kim could be found on the mountains teaching people to ski!



Ronnie is a true garden superstar. When she isn't busy doing the heavy lifting for Mel's garden team, you might catch her snacking on a Mars Bar or watching Stanger Things.

On weekends Ronnie enjoys a casual jog around the neighborhood and long romantic walks on the beach. 



Nic is currently undertaking her Cert IV in Landscape Design. She loves endless pottering & planning new garden projects.

When not gardening, Nic has her hands full DIYing, knitting, reading, being president of a netball club & looking after her fur children & worms. 

Your garden is in good hands with Nic!



Kris loves all things outdoors - sports, camping and even bee keeping! She's a super star in the garden and you can rest assured knowing your weeding and mulching needs will be taken care of in record time.

Kris grows her own food and enjoys eating spaghetti. Assuming, that is, she has any left over with 3 kids, a doggo and a kitty to feed first!



Karen hails from South Africa and is a master at pruning and weeding. In her spare time she loves growing flowers, veggies, and unusual plants from cuttings or seeds. 

She is a loving mom of two teens, three fur babies, and an unknown amount of succulents. On a rainy day you might find her solving puzzles, eating sweet potatoes and engrossed in a good book.

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