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Wanna bee 🐝 a VIP? Or share us with your friends?

The Autumn vibes have finally arrived!

It's been a while coming - but the cooler weather has hopefully set in for now. It's the perfect time to help your garden recover from the heat and also to get ready for planting later in the year. Compost and mulch are the best things you can do over the cooler months, and to help this happen we have some Autumn specials to share with your friends.

The cooler months are also the perfect time to 'get on our books'. In Spring, it's a real thing, (that rhymes!), that we reach capacity and some gardens miss out. Happens every year!

We have also been putting our Priority Garden program together for some of our favourite clients - yes, you know who you are 😉. Mel has been busy visiting our VIP's in between the whirlwind of student life back at Uni (trams are her new friend!). If you fancy feeling special, take a look at one of the many colourful pictures below for more deets (Canva is also Mel's new friend!).

Psst....Recycled mulch is awesome, it breaks down to feed the soil, and it's a more affordable option for those of us on a budget.  

If you're up for any (or all) of the above, just drop us an email or give our fabulous and ever amazing admin team a call. 

We've also been popping the promos on our socials so feel free to like & share among your people. 

Life is better when you can share great things with your friends!


Mel & the team xx

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