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Need any plants? Got anything on your wish-list?

Mel is hitting the shops next Wednesday 20th March...

If you're looking for a plant fix, just let us know:

* What's on your wish list?

* How many plants are you looking for?

* What's your budget?

* Do you trust us to choose for you or select alternative plants if your faves aren't available?

🌼 Cut off times for orders is no later than 4pm Tuesday 19th March 🌼Depending on the size of your order we may require a deposit.

We've been on this adventure before and as usual:

* there's no way of ordering ahead

* no guarantees that they'll have everything or anything you want

* no way of knowing exactly how much everything will cost

BUT the supplier has so many plants that there will most likely be alternatives that we can choose from. All plants will be delivered next week happy and healthy and ready for planting.

There will be a surcharge on the plants and a small charge for pick-up and delivery but the more orders we have, the more economical it will be for everyone!

Thanks and if you have any questions just let us know

- Mel & the ever fabulous & amazing garden team 💜

PS - Funny pic sourced from Pintrest:

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