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 We can help you give your garden the attention it deserves!


Weeds are the gift that just keeps on giving. There’s nothing we love more than getting our hands into a garden bed that has been overrun and bringing it back to its best by removing everything that’s not meant to be there! So satisfying!
We always prefer to hand weed however there are those weed
s or locations where weeds need a bit of extra coaxing. A great example of this is when weeds come up in a gravel area or path or in between pavers. The easiest way to deal with these is to apply an organic or natural weed control. As a very last resort, we can use chemical spray. Some weeds require more of a long term strategy which we are happy to discuss.


General Tidying

Gardens can quickly become overgrown when left unattended, particularly over those months where there’s a bit of warmth in the ground and lots of rain. Sometimes life and the weather gets in the way and before you know it everything is overgrown and you’re not quite sure where to start. Our team LOVE THIS STUFF! Call us for a quote to cut back, weed, whipper snip, mow, prune… all in one big hit. 


Most plants, big or small, require pruning at one time or another. Whether your trees need a general cut back, shape and removal of dead limbs, or you need specialty pruning for fruit trees, roses or ornamental trees, we can keep your trees healthy and growing as they should. Bear in mind that we don’t use ladders or chainsaws if you need the assistance of an arborist or large tree specialist, we can provide you with a recommendation.

​I promise I will call you back & I will actually show up on time! 




There is no point investing your money and planting into soil that is sub par. We can assess your soil, make any amendments to ensure the best possible outcome for your plants and guide your plant selections. There is nothing better than watching a selection of plants grow as intended and we’d love to help.


There is no doubt that regular mulching of your garden keeps it looking neat and tidy but there are many other benefits. Using the right mulch can help suppress weeds, reduce weed seed germination, protect the roots of your plants from harsh conditions such as frost, drought and wind, assists in the retention of water so that you don’t have to water as often, is permeable so reduces rain run off, breaks down to provide nutrients for the soil and a micro climate for our beneficial bugs, worms and fungi. We can provide advice as to what the best mulch for your garden is, order from one of our reputable suppliers and spread it all around your garden.


Preparation for Sale

Are you considering putting your home on the market? Street appeal is so important when attracting buyers and there is plenty of evidence out there to show that a fabulous garden can add thousands of dollars to the selling price of a house. Get in touch and we will help you with ideas to add value to your property at a reasonable price.


Adding new or upgrading worn out paths can add instant impact and definition to your garden landscape. We specialise in permeable toppings that suit all garden styles. Whether it’s for a path, a BBQarea or even a driveway, call us for a quote today and Get Megified!

Garden & Landscape Design

Whether you need a garden refresh or are starting from scratch, our team of qualified horticulturalists and designers can assist you with getting the most of your outdoor space. We can assess your space and recommend plants that will flourish, we can source, purchase, deliver and plant these plants. 
Are you looking for advice on hardscaping, paving, storage solutions, retaining walls, drainage, irrigations, and integrating all of these things into a garden space that you and your family can feel at home in? Do you need someone to turn your dreams into plans that a landscape contractor can build from? We can help.

Other Services:

Installing new garden beds

Advice on Permaculture principles

Credit Card facilities available for Visa, Mastercard & American Express (2.5% surcharge)

Garden Cleanup

Garden Cleanup
Garden Cleanup
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Garden Cleanup

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MEGIFIED Garden Paths
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MEGIFIED Garden Paths

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