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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

And just like that we're getting ready to knock off for the holidays. This year has been a little less bumpy than the last and we're so very grateful that we've been able to share the garden love with all of you - our continually growing, pun intended, garden family 💜

Fun Fact! With the help of our fabulous friends at Tradie Support Services our amazing team have visited your gardens nearly 1500 times this year! That's A LOT of gardening, and we're on track to keep that on the up and up in 2023.

On that note - if you know any garden superstars - we'll be looking for some new faces to join the team next year. The deets are here so feel free to share!


Christmas & New Year closing dates

December 22nd - It's tools down!

We'll be back from 9th January 2023 and we'll be replying to any messages and emails when we return



To celebrate our year we had a fun catch up at Sugarloaf Reservoir - if you haven't been to visit - you really must. It's beautiful with heaps of space to play Finska & practice your hoola hooping skillz.


What's ahead in 2023?

It's going to be a doozy! Just to start...

We're looking forward to a good few of us finishing up our horticulture and design qualifications. Yay!

We'll be welcoming a mini member in January - thanks to our webmaster Super Sis (aka Razz) - BIG YAY!

We'll be celebrating our 5000th job very, very soon - another yay!

We'll be welcoming more new faves into our client family - even more yays!

Phew! While we wait for all that to's a big CHEERS to welcoming 2023 ✨ Stay fabulous and we'll do it all again next year!

xx Mel and the ever amazing and continuously fabulous team 💜

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