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We've been busy in the garden: waitlist updates, gift vouchers & more...

Updated: May 20, 2022

Not sure about everyone else - but we're all feeling rather relieved as we catch up on all sorts of fall out from the last few years of weirdness.

We've finally (mostly) caught up on the waiting list and we've been able to get out to meet lots of new faces and gardens - it's been ace and we're having heaps of fun!

Gift Vouchers

We've also been able to re-instate our gift vouchers now that the wait list is down - perfect for Mother's Day - and way better than slippers!

Although - slippers are pretty cool. So are chocolates, cats and wine.

Team Updates

We've also - sadly for us! - seen our amazing Bridget move on to a new and very exciting chapter in her horticulture career.

We are sure many of you will miss her happy face and superstar gardening skillz (we are already!). But never fear, the rest of the garden crew will step in!

And in the meantime, here's a question for YOU..

Wanna join our garden gang & work for the best boss in the history of the world?

...and yes - I do write these myself 😎

Because our team are just so awesome and amazing, we are constantly on the verge of being fully booked .

Sooooo.....we're looking for more garden helpers.

If you think you've got the goods - or you know someone who has - get onto sussing out the job deets here!

That's it from Mel and the team for now.

Don't forget to stay up to date with all our latest promos, shenanigans and other fun things on our socials: Facebook & Instagram


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