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It's time to give the green bags the boot!

Breaking news! We're catching up with the rest of the world and we've come to the conclusion that we really don't need any more plastic bags in our lives.

In the past we've often provided bags as part of our service for storing excess green waste. For the most part, those bags (we can only assume) are not re-used once they're emptied - that's "single use" and we've just given that whole idea the boot.

If you're one of our fabulous clients that has excess waste on occasion - don't panic - we have some options for you:

- we can neatly pile your waste (no bags) somewhere convenient and out of sight for disposal in your green bins

- we can provide a more sturdy and re-usable green bag to store your waste at your visit

- you can provide your own re-usable bag

- we can 'chop & drop' suitable waste and mulch your garden, or

- if there's HEAPS of waste, we can organise a skip or tip run

If you have any questions or you'd like us to bring a re-usable bag to your next garden visit please let us know here.

Thanks & don't forget to stay AWESOME - you can follow us on Facebook & Instagram to see how it's done 😎

- Mel & the ever amazing garden team

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