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Gardening Eltham

Looking for a reliable and affordable gardener in Eltham? Look no further than Mel's Garden Care & Maintenance. Our small local team will get your garden in tip-top condition! Get in touch for a quote today.


 We can help you give your garden the attention it deserves!


Weeds can take over your garden in just a few weeks.  Don't have the time or inclination to tackle the jungle?  We can get in there and they will be gone before you know it!

If hand weeding isn't a viable option for your property, there are natural and organic alternatives available.

*We will not use any glyphosate based weed sprays*

General Tidying

Is your garden just messy and you have no motivation to tidy it up? ​Life is busy and sometimes our gardens get left behind. Don't feel bad! ​Let us have a look and we will see what we can do.


Pruning stimulates new growth and will keep your shrubs,  trees and grasses in tip-top shape.  

​I promise I will call you back & I will actually show up on time! 



Garden Makeovers & Preparation for Sale

Are you selling?   Street appeal of a home can drastically increase sale prices. Does your garden need a fresh new look?  Your garden can be transformed with a garden makeover. 


Are your plants happy where they are?  Are some in places that make no sense?  Do you have a blank canvas or just need to start again?

Improving soil quality and carefully selecting plants will make all the difference to your garden.  Let us help you!


Mulch is essential in any garden, but it's not just there for good looks!  Suppressing weeds and conserving water are not the only benefits. The right mulch enriches your soil as it breaks down and provides an awesome micro-climate for beneficial bugs, insects and fungi.


Holiday Watering Packages

We can water and maintain your garden while you are out enjoying yourself. Your garden will be happy and healthy when you arrive home!


Credit Card facilities available for Visa, Mastercard & American Express (2% surcharge)

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