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Springtime Shenanigans at Mel's Garden!

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Spring has sprung - and so have all the weeds...

Well - gotta love a 'bit' of rain to keep everyone on their toes. We feel like we mow and weed...and mow and weed...then we turn around and it's grown back! They say it's 'good for the garden' but this is getting ridiculous! In between the rainy days we've been getting out into more gardens than ever before and we've loved welcoming some new fave clients into our happy little garden family. Fun Fact! Our team have moved over 150 cubic meters of mulch, gravel & soil in the last 3 months - in addition to all our usual maintenance gigs - #goteam - you're the best!


It's already time to plan all our bookings leading up to Christmas.

If you're one of our fabulous regulars and you'd like to check when your next few bookings are - just pop us an email here and we'll let you know what we have in mind for you.


Our bookings are still at capacity for the year - BUT - we have been able to squeeze a few peeps in here and there.

So keep an eye out and you might get lucky!

If you're not on the list - just do it already!

Every year we book out so it's never to early to get in touch!


Exciting News!

We are so happy to introduce our latest amazing team member! Mikaela's energy and enthusiasm for ALL THINGS is contagious. If you don't love her when you meet her...then we'll need to talk... She's a lover of all things propagation and is all over a sexy compost - and, yes, yes, yes - compost can be sexy 😉


A quick note from Mel...

Over the next few months we'll be planning some very exciting things for 2023. It's all secret squirrel business at the mo - shhhhh 👀 - but we'll keep you in the loop via our Facebook & Insta updates - and of course these ever fabulous emails - we know you love 'em.

We'll also keep you updated on our holiday closure dates too - we'll be knocking off on December 22nd for a few weeks of R&R.

Also - AND most importantly- don't forget to honk if you see our Ronnie - she's the best looking van in town and she's just loving herself sick right now 😉

xx Mel

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